Hurrdurr Jessica

Mar 22

jessica’s i got a boy era appreciation post

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Mar 19

happy international women’s day from femaleidols! ♡

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Mar 19

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I met this girl yesterday, and we’ve really seemed to hit it off, but I don’t know how to proceed in the relationship. I don’t wanna seem too clingy, but I’m really head over heels for her. I don’t want to be a creep either.

tumblr gods pls.

Mar 17
help me


34 inches long & 24 inches wide. Click for picture of actual poster.
Will be rolled & shipped in a poster tube.

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Dec 9
Girls Generation Poster Giveaway

But I be buying niggas birthday presents, dropping like, 40 bucks for a friend, but when my birthday comes around, “Sup bro I got you a card.” Nigga this ain’t even one of them expensive cards. This shit be talking bout “boo bees”.


Nov 26
I ain’t mean to be ungrateful
Jun 21

130617 KBS2 Escape Crisis No.1 - Hyorin & Soyu (Part 1)

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May 5

Jessica for Beauty+

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Apr 18


[04.18.89] Happy 24th/25th Birthday Jessica Jung!

Stay pretty and stay young! More oppurtunities in life to come. And we, SONEs and your 8 sisters are always here for you. ^^ Always follow your heart! ♥~

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Apr 12


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